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Private tutoring services

(Updated COVID-19 Guidelines: I currently tutor via Zoom classes.)​


Hi, I'm Annie! I'm a recent honors graduate of Vassar College, majoring in Science, Technology, and Society (STS). I speak three languages and grew up in an international community. I enjoy tutoring and look forward to meeting new learners :)

Grades and scores: 

I had a 3.77 GPA in college and 4.0+ GPA in high school. I have a verbal score of 175/180 and essay score of 5/6  on the GRE. My SAT verbal and essay scores were 740/800 and 700/800. I'm actively tutoring kids during COVID-19 and am happy to provide instruction on writing and reading comprehension. I have about 50+ hours of tutoring under my belt. 


  • I tutor children aged 8 - 14 in writing (e.g. creative, narrative, personal), reading comprehension and writing for standardized tests, and watercolor painting. Most of my students take weekly tutoring sessions.

  • For each subject area, I'll ask parents to submit 1-2 essays, art pieces, or exams from school prior to our first class so that I can evaluate the student's level. I'll provide a personalized syllabus for each student, along with instructions and all course materials via a weekly e-mail. If we're working on writing, I'll provide margin comments on a Word Doc sent before the class. We will use this doc during the class and revise the comments, line-by-line. 

Subject Areas 

  • Writing​

    • The student must be able to use Microsoft Word or a similar processor to send me their essays via E-mail. I have a hard time deciphering handwriting (though I encourage students to handwrite their outlines). 

    • On Zoom, I screen-share their essay with my comments and go line-by-line with students, stopping for each comment and asking the student if they have any questions or concerns. I've found that this is the fastest and most constructive way to improve someone's writing ability immediately. 

    • Sometimes I change up the lesson and provide them a powerpoint to view, with direct instruction on a topic area, or we'll discuss their ideas and brainstorm an essay together (hearing the kids speak and throw out ideas is my favorite part of teaching). I also bring out a whiteboard and draw diagrams for them to follow. 

For example: 

  • Standardized Tests

    • I have a number of memorization strategies, writing formats, test-taking and classroom habits, and health advice after 8 years of test-taking... 

  • Watercolor (New!) or Acrylic

    • It's a little hard to show kids how to paint watercolor or acrylic without actually being there...

    • For the most part, I'll ask students to paint something in their vicinity. I do usually provide more serious instruction (including some art history!) when I'm physically present so until I figure a way to do this, this is more of a fun class!

  • Time Management (New!)

    • Some kids (and adults) find it difficult to manage their time. I've had this problem before and I've gone to people with PhDs in Education and have wrestled out the best time management and productivity hacks out of them! With this sort of lesson, it'll be a weekly check-up sort of thing. ​

  • Mandarin Chinese (New!) 

    • Only for students who have already begun learning Mandarin Chinese. I can assist with homework and pronunciation, along with reading comprehension and written and verbal responses. ​

​My Approach: 

  • I supplement my teaching with my studies in developmental psychology and education, and I focus on growth-oriented strategies (a la Carol Dweck) for improving self-esteem in subject areas.

  • A lot of my students tell me they don't like writing or they think they're "bad" students. I do everything in my power to support and encourage them.

  • I provide critical feedback and ensure the child understands I'm pointing out a modifiable action instead of a characteristic about them (I've had teachers who've been unhelpful or have had a mood about them that suggests a "nothing can be improved" dogma. I am the complete opposite of that!). 

  • I currently only tutor one-on-one. 

  • Usually the kids will enjoy writing or the subject area by the end of our lessons, or at least like the process of writing a little bit more! 

Some things for parents/guardians to consider:

  • The parent may sit in on the first class to evaluate the lesson but from past experience, I wouldn't advise it—I think students learn better on their own. 

  • Education is a continual process, and I could tutor to the end of time! It'll be on the parents' shoulders to determine the class length and overall time frame of the tutoring sessions.

  • In addition, I think I would encourage parents to encourage their children to read! Reading expands the mind and improves writing ability (and fluidity and feel of the language) and distracts your kid for a bit :)

  • Awards & Badges (New!): Incentivizing children can be tricky. I've found out that they respond well to awards and badges. I've designed a series of "Animal Crossing" badges which I usually provide to the parent bi-weekly. Parents can print out the awards (which look better in color) or hang them up on a wall. (I think they're quite cute!) To view a sample of these badges, please click on "InDesign Portfolio" on the left-hand side. 


  • I do provide quite a bit of homework and essays but I think it's manageable. I am strict but holistic with my evaluations and comments. 

Feeds (updated):

  • My fees are on a sliding scale. Please inquire and I will work with you to work out an appropriate amount. In addition, I understand that due to COVID-19, households have been experiencing financial strain—we will work on an amount that works for you and your family! 

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